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  • Renato Mendonca

    Coinspace es compatible con ERC20??? Espero respuesta....

  • redoine el khattane

    Is good

  • Max Ebert

    Mudar para português
    Can anyone help me, am I being fooled?

    I am not understanding something I created a login in coinspace and I was informed a wallet address,

    1JqcC1e ************************* XB

    But now you're asking for a passphrase that I do not know what it is, it's the worst I've already done a 400,000 satoshi withdrawal for this wallet address, it's already 5 days and nothing yet so4 I can not now access my wallet with that address at How can I solve it?

    Thank you for your attention .....

  • Masilonyane Lucas Morake

    Nice to me

  • Yony Magana

    My phrasse words dont work wat do i do know

  • ivan ivanov

    sorry not proper item, but someone will answer for my question  ? Id#4989

    p/s thx moderator , problem is solved  . was  trouble with access to wallet,  via firefox 63.0.3 & tor . a little thing - stuck some javascript  only in firefox browser

  • Anatoly

    Recently, I transferred to you a little Ripple to my wallet. 
    Only after the transfer, I was informed that you need to keep a minimum balance of 20xrp on your wallet. Why didn't this wallet be reported before my transfer? I want to pick up my 20xrp. How can I do it? 

    Недавно, я перевел к вам на на кошелек немного Ripple. Только после перевода, мне сообщили что на вашем кошельке необходимо хранить минимальный остаток 20xrp. Почему об этом кошелек не сообщил до моего перевода? Я хочу забрать мои 20xrp. Как мне это сделать?


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