I lost my Passphrase what do I do?




  • Yyy

    Hello, I did not save the secret code - password. How can I find out, get my wallet back? SUCCESS: $877.42 - 0.90478379 BTC is being sent to 1J4R4y8ZeZXBxGjZq1aKQcJDBhm38Dq8my. Please give it up to 2 minutes to arrive. plizz

  • Colorado10spro

    This sounds like very good bitcoin wallet. EVERY other website has a password reset. 

  • Leojosecamara

    buenas no guardes mi frase de contraseña como haria en este caso, no tengo fondos pero espero recuperarla 12zpzu6AxwEAChxFsa8Ta4cXMeSs2TmC6g espero su pronta respuesta por favor leojosecamara@gmail.com

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