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  • Jessiefixedit

    I'm trying to send some LTC and i keep getting an error prompt that say "en*undefined is not a valid txtId"

    everything was working great.  using latest version. 2.8.0


  • Fillip

    I can’t sign in my account. The message appears: undefined is not a valid address. Help.

  • mehdi

    I can not enter my wallet

  • Ridwan Aska

    I no don't send money me

  • Nicolai Bahr

    Try to Login with correct passphrase and Password, get an Error Message: undefined adress Not valid. What can I do?

  • Mystic Td

    I can Not open my wallet every time become the message opps the wallet Not invilied what is wrong and what can i Do

  • Bjarni Einarsson

    I have a smilycoin account from you 




    last time I check on my wallet I could use 4 digit code to access to my wallet now I need 12-word passphrase but only problem is I don´t have 12-word passphrase on this account, it is long time since I have visit my account


    How can I open my account 


    send me e-mail please to bjarnie3@googemail.com

  • graphistm

    Why cant connect to Bitcoin node since yesterday???

  • Teresa Johnson

    What is a bitcoin address mean

  • Teresa Johnson

    What is a bitcoin address mean

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