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  • Savekonq

    I can not enter my wallet!

  • Furion33

    I can not enter my wallet! when I try to enter I get: is not a valid address
    on the site there are no technical works, I need an answer from the support, what happens!

  • Manuel Wagner

    cant open my wallet as well :( same error "missing translation:...."


  • Patrick Ashiedu

    Trying to login, while trying to synchronize wallet it says whoops missing translation : it's not a valid address

  • Furion33

    help get money back


  • Adepoju

    I was trying to transfer to the app i just downloaded looking for the passphrase

  • michael Johansson

    Hi what's my private key to transfer from my paper wallet ?

  • Ahmed Jabbar

    I lost my balance after I challenged the application, I didn't save my passphrase 

  • maksim57

    hello I can not get into my wallet

  • Geralyn B. Narbasa

    How can I know my wallet address?

  • Ivan Montibeller

    Hello, I'm trying to sync my web wallet with my application wallet, but I'm not seeing the web sincronization in the application, can you help me?

    PS: If you can explain to me how to sell you simpler bitcoins I'm grateful (I'm Baziliam and dificulties for speak English)

  • graphistm

    Why cant connect to Bitcoin node since yesterday???

  • Dayne47

    Help me get my money back this is a huge inconvience

  • Mystic Td

    I can Not open my wallet every time become the message opps the wallet Not invilied what is wrong and what can i Do

  • michael Johansson

    it's all bullshit ... and bit coin will crash ...leave it alone and buy gold

  • Pearl123

    How do I delete my account

  • Adepoju

    I lost my account how do i get it back please

  • Nicolai Bahr

    Try to Login with correct passphrase and Password, get an Error Message: undefined adress Not valid. What can I do?

  • Teresa Johnson

    What is a bitcoin address mean

  • Teresa Johnson

    What is a bitcoin address mean

  • Justine Vallez

    How do I get a wallet address

  • Ridwan Aska

    I no don't send money me

  • Bjarni Einarsson

    I have a smilycoin account from you 




    last time I check on my wallet I could use 4 digit code to access to my wallet now I need 12-word passphrase but only problem is I don´t have 12-word passphrase on this account, it is long time since I have visit my account


    How can I open my account 


    send me e-mail please to bjarnie3@googemail.com

  • Aceptan clientes en honduras?

  • michael Johansson

    I transferred satoshi 2 weeks ago from a bit coin miner but I received nothing ...

  • mehdi

    I can not enter my wallet

  • Tammy head

    I m on coinspace online but don't see my actual wallet???


  • michael Johansson

    Invest in yourselves and do some work instead of chasing nothing's or put a bet on Frank the barber next time he's running at Wolverhampton...

  • michael Johansson

    You have more chance of meeting the pope than finding success with this organisation.

  • Юлия Егерева

    Здравствуйте ! У меня проблема пытаюсь вывести деньги уже 3 раза! Сделка висит без подтверждений потом она исчезает и деньги поступают обратно ! Что уже только не делал не могу вывести 3 сутки деньги! У кого еще такие проблемы есть?

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